Data Science





Mission and Goals

Carroll's Data Science program blends the fields of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and business analytics to provide a unique and integrated learning experience. You will take courses that teach you to gather, wrangle and visualize data, make predictions based off of past behaviors with machine learning, and deal with the massive data sets of today.  Your coursework will be blended between computer science, mathematics and statistics, and data science.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Our students will be able to use mathematics, statistics, data analysis, and computer science to solve and analyze real-world data science problems.

  2. Our students will be able to demonstrate the ability to: create and use computer programs to solve real problems, apply data science tools in a variety of contexts, create models using appropriate statistical methods, and analyze statistical and computational models in applied settings.

  3. Our students will be able to communicate their data science work in a clear and effective manner.

  4. Our students will be able to demonstrate the ability to solve mathematical, statistical, data science, and computational problems using appropriate technology.

Professional Educational Objectives

The professional educational objectives of the Data Science program are to produce graduates who have:

  1. The specialized knowledge and skills necessary for initiation into their chosen profession,

  2. A broad range of skills necessary for effective communication, 

  3. An appreciation for the interrelationships among the branches of knowledge, and

  4. The ethical, social, and aesthetic perspectives necessary for value-based judgement and decision making.