Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students are those who are enrolled at Carroll College, usually on a part-time basis, and who are not seeking a degree.

Non-degree students must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. Applicants who were enrolled in high school within the last two academic years are required to submit an official high school transcript and a personal statement indicating why they are seeking admission as a non-degree student. Once these supporting documents are received the Admission Committee will render its decision. Students must meet the requirements for good standing at Carroll in order to enroll for subsequent courses.

Non-degree students may complete 18 credits of coursework after which time the student must apply for admission as a degree-seeking student or re-apply to continue his or her status as a non-degree student.

Enrollment Procedure

To enroll as a non-degree student at Carroll College, one must complete the following steps at the Office of Admission or Registrar's Office (1 and 2 below) and at the Business Office (3):

  1. Complete the Non-Degree Student Application Form, which can be found online at
  2. Complete registration according to the dates specified in the semester schedule.
  3. Pay for other charges and appropriate special course fees.

Conversion to Degree Candidacy

Should non-degree students wish to become degree candidates, they must comply with all admission requirements as outlined in this bulletin. The non-degree student should keep in mind the following points:

  1. A non-degree student is not guaranteed admission into a degree program of the College by reason of having taken courses at Carroll.
  2. The non-degree student is obligated to fulfill the graduation requirements set forth in the college bulletin for the year of admission as a degree candidate.
  3. Non-degree students who are admitted as degree candidates must abide by all academic policies as outlined in the appropriate bulletin.


Students may be enrolled as auditors upon payment of the usual fee and audit tuition. Auditors will not receive college credit for the course. A student cannot establish credit in an audited course by a challenge examination or by payment of additional tuition. Class participation is at the discretion of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the auditor to meet with the instructor at the beginning of the course to determine the level of participation and obligation required of the auditor. Certain programs and specified courses are not open to auditors. In all classes, students who register for credit and who pay regular fees will have priority over those students who register on an audit basis. Senior citizens over 60 years of age are accepted on an audit basis at reduced tuition costs.

Carroll Early Access and Advanced College Experience

A special arrangement with Helena-area high schools enables qualified juniors and seniors to enroll for college credit courses at Carroll while completing their secondary school requirements. Qualified home-schooled students are also welcome to participate in this program. Carroll Early Access program students will enroll for college credit only; as part of a two-year pilot program, these students will not be charged tuition (other fees will apply). Advanced College Experience program students will enroll for both college credit and high school credit under dual-credit agreements with local high schools; these students will be charged a per-credit tuition rate, plus applicable fees. While some restrictions apply, the Carroll Early Access and Advanced College Experience programs are open to students with a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.25 and approval from their high school counselor and/or parent if the student is homeschooled. Students may register for a maximum of two courses (typically 6-8 credits) per semester. Application forms and further information are available through the Office of Admission.