Students who have been absent from Carroll College for one or more semesters are required to complete an application for readmission available from the Office of Admission. A student who has attended another college/ university since withdrawal from Carroll College must submit an official copy of the transcript from each institution to the Office of Admission before the application will be considered. Students readmitted to Carroll will continue with the academic standing they had the last term they attended the College. Generally, if a student interrupts attendance, s/he must graduate under the requirements in effect at the time of re-admission; however, a student who takes a one- or two-semester break from the College and leaves in academic good standing may be eligible to return under her or his original catalog year, providing s/he can complete the requirements within six years of initial enrollment. Determination of appropriate catalog year is made by the Registrar. Prior admission and/or attendance at Carroll College does not guarantee readmission. Readmission to the College does not guarantee acceptance into college housing. Once readmitted, students who wish to reside on campus must submit a Housing Application form.