Definitions of Terms

Student: Includes any person who attends or has attended Carroll College.

Education Records: Includes any record, with certain exceptions, maintained by Carroll College with a student’s name, or students’ names, on it. This includes files, documents, and materials in whatever medium (electronic, written, print, tapes, disks, film, microfilm, and microfiche) which contain information directly related to students and from which students can be individually identified. Exceptions are:

  1. A personal record kept by the maker if it is kept in the sole possession of the maker of the record and is not accessible or revealed to any other person except a temporary substitute for the maker of the record.
  2. An employment record of an individual whose employment is not contingent on the fact that he or she is a student.
  3. Records maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or paraprofessional, which are used solely in connection with the provision of treatment of a student and not disclosed to anyone other than individuals providing such treatment.
  4. Alumni records which contain information about a student after he or she is no longer in attendance at Carroll College and which do not relate to the person as a student.
  5. Law enforcement records.