CORE110 First Year Writing Seminar

Each first-year writing seminar will study a unique theme chosen by the instructor that will be analyzed in a critical manner and engage multiple disciplinary perspectives to demonstrate the purpose and nature of a liberal arts education. In the analysis of this theme, this course will prepare students to read, write, think, and discuss critically within the larger academic community. Students will study conventions of effective writing for various types of academic essays. Students will write, receive feedback on, and revise multiple pieces of formal and informal writing. Student writing, including drafts, will total at least 25 pages.

CORE400 Core Capstone

The Catholic intellectual tradition seeks a unity of thought such that no discipline stands or should desire to stand alone. As the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities states, “[t]he Catholic Tradition is born out of the search for encompassing truths that create a unity that comprehends everything knowable by human reason.” CORE-400: Vocation and Enlightenment  contributes to this unity of thought by integrating a student’s Core Curriculum. CORE-400 will exist as a 1-credit add-on linked to an existing major course -- a departmental capstone, seminar, or another advanced course of a department’s choosing. 

The final assignment for Vocation and Enlightenment will be an approximately 1,500 word paper that draws on the student’s previous Core courses and assignments to establish a point of integration. Students will (1) show how their study of one discipline challenged or supported their study of others and (2) apply an integrative perspective to the analysis of a complex issue.