MA334 Differential Equations and Linear Alg II

This is the second course (after MA 141) in a two course sequence in differential equations and linear algebra. In this course, we focus on both systems of differential equations, with special attention given to modeling, linearization, and equilibrium analysis; as well as the mathematical language of systems-linear algebra, especially transformations, orthogonality, vector spaces, inner product spaces and the eigenvalue/eigenvector problem. We will motivate the material through applications such as population models, structural, and electrical systems, and linear algebra applications such as 3-D imaging, Markov processes, and Leslie matrices. Technology will again play a major role in this course, as we will have frequent computer demonstrations in class and weekly computer labs to explore the quantitative aspects of these topics. Students will have the opportunity to explore topics beyond the textbook on group projects throughout the semester.




A grade of C- or better in MA 232 or MA 141 with MA 131.


Annual Spring Semester