THT324 Digital Media Design

This course prepares students for the technical process of creating media design for theatrical production. Students will explore the emerging interdisciplinary art of media design, and theatre by the following elements: Learning software that implements sound design, media creation and projection design; Following in-class tutorials, and adjoining modules that develop integrated digital art skills within the context of media design Collaborate in various workshops that expose students to the praxis of media design; Produce six complete projects ranging in size, and complexity that explore different methodologies of practical and conceptual design work; Participate in critical discussions regarding their work. This course will primarily introduce the multi-directional workflow of the Adobe Creative Suite for the nonlinear process of design. Students will develop compositional aptitudes, learn technical skills, and develop a sequence of work that can be critiqued, edited, and synthesized into presentation. The overarching goal for this course is to provide students the technological competences, and artistic forte to work in the digital media design industry.




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