Duration of Eligibility (Pace progression)

You are expected to earn a degree in a specific amount of time, measured by the credits attempted. Credits earned at prior post-secondary institutions and accepted toward your Carroll College degree will be included with your Carroll College credits in determining the credits you have attempted. The number of attempted credits allowed is 1.5 times the number of credits required to earn your degree (150%). For example, if your degree requires 122 credits, you are eligible for financial aid until you have attempted 183 credits or have earned the credits required for your degree, whichever comes first. Students must declare a major by the time they earn 45 credits. Students should register only in courses required for the completion of their program. If credits are needed in addition to the required credits listed in the catalog an appeal must be completed and reviewed to determine eligibility. Students with multiple majors or who change majors who exceed timeframe must appeal to continue receiving aid. Post Baccalaureate or second degree students are limited to 243 cumulative credits attempted.