Other Carroll Scholarships and Grants

Family Allowance Grant

Carroll provides a grant of $1,000 ($500 per semester) to each dependent family member when two or more immediate family members are attending Carroll full-time (first baccalaureate degree) during the same semester. Specific details and applications are available from the Financial Aid Office or on the Carroll College website and are due by February 1 each year.

Activity Scholarships and Grants

Activity scholarships and grants are offered to students (pursing their first baccalaureate degree) involved in forensics, theater, student government, choir, string band, pep band, drumline and intercollegiate athletics. Amounts vary and may be renewable with continued involvement in the activity. Carroll College offers activity scholarships to students in the following areas:

Forensics: Contact the Director of Forensics, Mr. Brent Northup

Theatre: Contact the Theatre Department, Ms. Kim Shire

Choir: Contact the Choir Director, Dr. Maren Haynes Marchesini or Rev. Marc Lenneman

Pep Band: Contact the Pep Band Coordinator, Patrick Harris

String Band: Contact the String Band Director, Linda Meuret 

Drumline: Contact the Drumline Director, Patrick Harris

Men’s Basketball: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Kurt Paulson

Women’s Basketball: Contact the Head Coach, Ms. Rachelle Sayers

Men & Women’s Cross Country: Contact the Head Coach, Ms. Shannon Flynn

Men’s Football: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Troy Purcell

Men & Women’s Golf: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Bennett MacIntyre

Men’s Soccer: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Doug Mello

Women’s Soccer: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. David Thorvilson

Women’s Softball: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Aaron Jackson

Men & Women’s Track & Field: Contact the Head Coach, Mr. Harry Clark

Women’s Volleyball: Contact the Head Coach, Ms. Maureen Boyle 

ROTC: Contact the ROTC office, Cpt. Christopher Clark

Parish Scholarship

Students who are active in a Catholic Parish within the State of Montana may apply for this scholarship through their parishes. Applications are available at the parishes for this $1,000 scholarship or on the Carroll College website and are due by February 1 to the parish. This award is a first year, freshman scholarship only (pursing their first baccalaureate degree).

Endowed Scholarships and Grants

Carroll College endowed scholarships and grants result from gifts to Carroll by individuals and institutions interested in helping Carroll students succeed. Donor restrictions apply in most instances and most are need-based, which require the results of a FAFSA. Applications for endowed scholarships are not required for endowed scholarships as funds are allocated in accordance with donor restrictions and/or specifications and Financial Aid Office policies.  Carroll College scholarships and grants are available for students pursuing their first baccalaureate degree.  Post-baccalaureate degrees do not qualify for Carroll gift aid unless specified by the endowed or cash grant donor.

Employer Matching Grant

Students who enroll at Carroll for at least three and no more than nine credits and whose employer contributes at least one-third of tuition costs are eligible for this Matching Grant Program. Students do not need to be degree candidates at Carroll, but they must enroll for credits (no audits). Recipients of the employer matching grant are not eligible for any other Carroll aid or benefit. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office and the Carroll College website and are due by the semester payment due date.