Student Responsibilities

Upon acceptance and receipt of financial assistance of any kind, it becomes the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of changes in financial and/or enrollment status. A change in enrollment and/ or financial status may result in revision of financial aid offers. Changes include:

  • Change in the number of enrolled credits;
  • Change in name, address, or telephone number;
  • Change in financial status, including any additional scholarships, grants, housing changes or other benefits received; and
  • Withdrawal from the college. Students who withdraw from Carroll College during a semester may be responsible for repayment of all or a portion of any financial aid received for the semester. Return of federal fund procedures are federally regulated. Contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Student complaints can be submitted to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education: or and at 2500 Broadway, PO Box 203201, Helena, MT 59620-3201 or 406-444-6570.