Graduate Level Tuition, Fees and Payment

All charges listed in the financial section are those that are current at the time of the printing of this catalog. These charges are subject to change without notice by the College.

Student tuition, room and board, and applicable course fees are due by August 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester. Summer tuition and fees are due five days prior to the start of each summer session. Students unable to meet these obligations may apply for financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office, prior to the first day of classes.

Graduate Level Application Fee (non-refundable) $55

This one-time fee is submitted with the initial application

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are adjusted on an annual basis. The following fee schedules for graduate programs are in effect for the 2020-2021 academic year:

Master of Accountancy Tuition: per semester credit $564
Graduate Student Fee: per semester $100

Fee supports technology, student services, use of Hunthausen Activity Center and access to campus events

Master’s Degree Graduation Fee (one-time fee during the final semester) $150

Room and Board (Optional)

Graduate students have the option to live on campus in the residence halls or apartments. Graduate students residing at the college may choose to have a meal plan.

  1. Room and board rates include the non-transferable right to occupy the room assigned and to participate in the meal plan except during vacation periods when the residence halls and dining facilities are closed as indicated in the official college calendar. In determining the room and board rates, it is understood that students will not necessarily be present at every meal served. No refunds are made for meals missed. Students with special dietary needs are not automatically granted exceptions to the board requirements. Students who have special diets prescribed by a physician should consult the Dining Services Director.
  2. Carroll does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to any student’s personal property. Students are encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property or consult their parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage.
  3. Personal effects of returning students may be left in the room during the regular term vacations. However, all personal effects must be removed from the college residence halls at the end of the academic year or upon withdrawal from the college.
  4. Occupancy of the student room or boarding on campus is not permitted after a student withdraws from the college. The College does currently allow recent alumni to continue their leases in the Campus Apartments pending availability.

Campus Apartments

The apartments, which opened May 2014, are a great addition to the on-campus living options. Open to 3rd-year and above undergraduate students, as well as graduate students, these two and three-bedroom units require a 12-month lease. Graduate students are able to rent a campus apartment to live with approved same-gender roommates, their spouse and/or dependent children. The unfurnished apartments include stainless steel appliances. Utilities are billed by apartment. Parking permits can be purchased to access campus parking. Apartment renters are required to pay a deposit.

Apartment Rates (2020-2021):

3-bedroom $1,365 per month (based on unit price)
2-bedroom $1,010 per month (based on unit price)

Note: Charges listed are subject to change without notice.

Meal Plans

Meal plan selections are for the academic year and are non-transferable. Students are offered the opportunity to change their meal plan selection through the first week of school each semester. Students must show their ID/meal card to enter the dining hall and when using their Flex Cash.

Carroll College Meal Plan Selection (2020-2021)

Meal Plan # of Meals Flex Cash Available To Cost Per Semester
All Access Unlimited: 19 meals/week $175 All students $2,575
Block 240 meals/semester $325 All students $2,400
Upperclassmen (Juniors/Seniors) 110 meals/semester $300 Jr, Sr, and Grad students in St. Charles or Trinity; Campus Apartment or Off-Campus only* $1,457
Commuter 40 meals/semester $200 Apartment Residents or Off-Campus Students only** $613

*Junior, Senior, and Graduate students may also choose All Access or Block meal plans.

**Apartment residents and Off-Campus students may also choose All Access or Block meal plans.

All meal plans have access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unused meals are not transferable to future semesters. Unused Flex dollars carry forward from fall semester to spring semester only if a meal plan is purchased spring semester. Unused Flex dollars do no carry forward from spring semester to fall semester. 

For dining hours and further information, please check the website or contact the general manager of Sodexo at (406) 447-5194.

See the full Carroll College Catalog for a description of other elective fees such as transcript fee, parking permit, as well as important Payment Information.