Education Abroad Programs

Carroll College encourages students to learn abroad. By participating in a global experience, students enrich their education -- both for vocation and for enlightenment. A learning abroad experience provides international exchange between individuals, cultures, and ideas from around the world, helping our students fully understand and appreciate the complex interconnectedness of the worldwide human family. Carroll believes that students learn about themselves, their host country, and their own country through participation immersive international experiences - especially those that have them authentically engaged in a host community.

Opportunities for full-year, semester, short term or summer studies in another culture are available to all Carroll students in good standing. Carroll’s Global Education Office helps students coordinate study abroad options offered for college credit. International internships, global undergraduate research, and community-engaged service-learning options are also available abroad.

Study in the country of a student’s major field is required for all French and Spanish language majors. This normally occurs during the junior year, but can be done at the sophomore or senior level as well and must be coordinated with the student’s academic advisor and the Carroll College Global Learning Office.

Carroll has reciprocal exchange partnerships with the following international institutions. This allows students to use their Carroll merit aid, along with their federal financial aid, to study abroad. This also means that each year we welcome students from these international colleges to Carroll College for their study abroad experience. Look for them on campus.


Universidad Santa Maria (USM), Valparaiso—This highly regarded university offers science, math and engineers an opportunity to study abroad, for those students with a high level of Spanish proficiency.


Université Catholique de L’Ouest (UCO), Angers—Offers a wide variety of content courses for students with advanced French language skills. Angers is approximately a half hour from Paris, by train.


National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway.  As a Visiting Student, you can create your own individual study program from the wide range of classes (modules) available from regular degree courses, to meet your own major or minor requirements, subject to meeting the normal prerequisites. Visiting Students can study at NUI Galway for a semester or a full academic year.


Asia Pacific University (APU), Beppu—APU is an English-Language College with students from all over the world. This program offers students the opportunity to live and study in Japan, while developing professional, academic, and life skills that will be extremely valuable in graduate school or job applications after graduation from Carroll. There are a wide variety of courses available, all classes are taught in English, and Japanese language courses are available.

Kumamoto Gakuen University (KGU), Kumamoto—Montana’s sister state. While most courses at KGU are taught in Japanese, no Japanese language skills are required prior to departure. You will learn Japanese at the same time as learning your content courses.


Catholic University of Korea (CUK), Bucheon, Seoul—This Catholic University is located in the heart of Seoul, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This is an ideal placement for students studying business, marketing or economics. Many courses are offered in English, and students find many courses to meet Core requirements.


University of Bergen (UiB), Bergen — is an internationally recognized university. Academic diversity and exceptional quality are fundamental. UiB is the most cited university in Norway. There are seven faculties allowing students to choose from a wide range of courses.


Universidad Pontificia Comillas (UPC), Madrid—This University was the only college in Spain included in Times Higher Educations’ list of the top 100 schools in the world! Located in the capital city of Spain, it is an ideal placements for students with advanced Spanish language skills, and is a fully immersive experience complete with a host family stay.

United Kingdom

University of Exeter, Exeter — This exchange offers two locations, one in Exeter and one in Cornwall, in the south West of England.  Students will find a plethora of courses that work well with our CORE requirements.  UE offers the very latest in academic programming.

Worldwide with ISEP

This International Student Exchange Program is a network of 300 U.S. Colleges (including Carroll College) with placements at more than 50 international institutions. Our membership in ISEP allows Carroll students to participate in any of the ISEP exchange programs for the cost of their Carroll tuition, room, board and fees.


Carroll also offers a study abroad program with the Meknes Studies Center  in Morocco. Students pay a Program Fee to Carroll College to which federal financial aid may be applied.  

Carroll College serves as the School of Record for the Meknes Studies Center.  All coursework offered on this program accredited by Carroll College. Core courses, including many international relations offerings, are rounded out with French and Arabic language studies. No previous language experience is necessary. 

Faculty-Led Programs

In addition to our exchange and study abroad programs, Carroll’s faculty often lead credit-bearing courses during the winter, spring and summer breaks for students who cannot or do not wish to study abroad for a full year or semester. These vary from year to year.

Summer Programs

Carroll also offers summer programs from ranging from 4–8 weeks in length in England, Ireland, Italy and Morocco.

Cambridge, England – The International Security and Intelligence Program and Conference, Magdalene College Cambridge - is a four-week university-level program aimed at those with an academic or professional interest in intelligence and contemporary security threats. It offers a unique opportunity to work with leading practitioners and academics from the security and intelligence worlds.  Held in early July – early August each summer.  Highly competitive.

Galway, Ireland—National University of Ireland (NUI) offers 4-week summer programs in Irish Language, Irish Studies or Ecology. Courses offered in Irish language, Irish history, literature, introduction to art, creative writing, Gaelic culture, ecology and more. No previous language experience is necessary.

Oxford, England – Exeter College Oxford - This six-week summer program at Exeter College, Oxford is a unique opportunity for Carroll students to experience undergraduate life at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Oxford. Exeter College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford and the fourth oldest college of the University. Highly competitive.

Siena, Italy—Italian Language, Art History, Sociolinguistic Studies, History of Italian Emigration, Medieval Italian History. Service Learning available.

Meknes, Morocco—Arabic, French, Gender Studies, Islamic Civilization and Artistic Expression, Islamic Society and Politics, Migration and Transnationalism in Morocco and more. Service Learning available.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available for students choosing non-affiliated programs. Financial aid is only available to students using an approved affiliate or reciprocal exchange program. Students who choose not to participate on an approved affiliate or reciprocal exchange program, but who require financial aid must secure funding outside of Carroll.  Carroll students who participate in a non-affiliate program for credit will be assessed a $350 administrative fee.  No federal aid other than supplemental loans may be used for faculty-led programs. Carroll merit aid may only be used with approved reciprocal exchange programs.

For more information please contact the Carroll College Global Learning Office at 406-447-4469 or We are located in Borromeo Hall, room 110. Please see our website at