3-2 Engineering, Major in Engineering Mathematics, B.A.

The purposes of the 3-2 program are to provide the student with a traditional engineering education augmented with a strong liberal arts background and to provide a broader and deeper exposure to mathematics and its applications than would ordinarily be possible in a four year engineering program.

A student who completes the requirements for the 3-2 Engineering Major in Engineering Mathematics earns two degrees:

  1. A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Engineering Mathematics from Carroll College, and
  2. A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in a selected field of engineering (e.g., mechanical engineering) from one of the following affiliated engineering schools:

    Columbia University, New York, NY

    The University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

    The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

    Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

    Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, MT

    Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Engineering fields, which 3-2 students may select, include the following:

Aerospace Engineering

Biological Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Science

Environmental Engineering

Geological Engineering

Geophysical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Material Science Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Mineral or Mining Engineering

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Operations Research

Petroleum Engineering

Under the 3-2 program, a student attends Carroll College for three years and then selects and transfers to one of six affiliated engineering schools for two years of study. Upon successful completion of the five-year program, the student receives a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in engineering mathematics from Carroll College and a Bachelor of Science degree with a selected engineering major from the engineering school.

Carroll College continually reviews its curriculum with the six affiliated schools to ensure that 3-2 students can complete any of the engineering majors in the five-year program.

A program to prepare students for graduate studies in engineering is offered via the mathematics major with a cognate concentration in engineering.

A student in the 3-2 engineering program will be accepted at any one of the six engineering schools on the written recommendation of the engineering program faculty provided the student also meets the minimum GPA of the affiliated institution. The affiliated engineering schools have various minimum GPA requirements, but a 3.0 or above is required. This minimum GPA is for the courses listed under both the “Major Program Requirements” and in the “Other Program Requirements” as a unit and must be achieved by the end of the fifth semester at Carroll College. In addition, the GPA for all course work must meet the minimum value. In some cases, additional course work may be required to satisfy a specialized engineering curriculum (e.g., Biomedical Engineering). Students enrolling in the 3-2 program are urged to consult with an engineering advisor before they begin their first semester at Carroll.

I. Major Program Requirements

Required classes:

ENGR 104Engineering Graphics & CAD Application


ENGR 105Intro to Engineering GPS & Surveying


ENGR 155/PHYS 155Robotics and Experimental Physics


ENGR 302Engineering Mechanics I: Statics


ENGR 342/PHYS 342Thermal Physics


Technical Electives:

Four courses of three or four credits each, selected on the basis of the engineering field of interest and with approval of the 3-2 engineering advisor. Technical elective courses are generally selected from 300 and 400 level engineering courses but can also include courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics.

II. Other Program Requirements

Required classes:

BI 101Life Science



BI 102Human Biology



CH 111Essentials of Chemistry: General


EC 203Project Management Economics



MA 131Calculus of Single Variable Functions



MA 121Differential Calculus


MA 122Integral Calculus



MA 141Introduction to Mathematical Modeling


MA 233Multivariable Calculus



MA 315Probability and Statistics



MA 342Applied Numerical Methods & Analysis-WI



MA 334Differential Equations and Linear Alg II


PHYS 205Physics Using Calculus I: Mechanics


PHYS 206Physics Using Calculus II


III. Carroll College Core Curriculum

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carroll College a student must complete the Carroll College Core Curriculum as listed in this catalog. However, since these requirements must be completed within three years, a total of only nine credits of philosophy and theology instead of twelve, six credits of one and three credits of the other are required. In addition, a student must earn a grade of “C-” or better in all of the courses listed under “Major Program Requirements” and “Other Program Requirements.” A lesser grade in any of these courses must be replaced before the Bachelor of Arts degree will be granted. In addition, lesser grades in any of these courses preclude taking subsequent courses for which the deficient courses are prerequisite.

IV. Additional Requirements

  1. The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in engineering mathematics under the 3-2 program differ from those for the four-year mathematics majors. Students in the 3-2 engineering major are not required to fulfill the requirements for the four-year mathematics major.
  2. The requirements listed in sections I, II, and III above must be completed before transferring to an affiliated engineering school and cannot be satisfied by credits earned at the engineering school after the student has transferred.
  3. Students transferring to Carroll College and entering the 3-2 program must complete at least two full-time semesters at Carroll College before they will be considered for a recommendation to transfer to an affiliated school. In addition, these students must complete a minimum of eighteen credits in the Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science at Carroll College. Credits transferred to Carroll do not satisfy this requirement.
  4. The minimum GPA of the affiliated institution in the courses listed under the “Major Program Requirements” and in the “Other Program Requirements”, as a unit, must be achieved by the end of the fifth semester at Carroll College. Some affiliate school programs may also require the completion of a summer field or laboratory course for graduation in that department. In rare cases, additional course work may be required to satisfy a specialized engineering curriculum. These are requirements that apply to all students entering these programs and must also be satisfied by 3-2 students. Students in 3-2 engineering must consult with 3-2 engineering advisor at Carroll College to select a school and field of study for which they qualify.
  5. A student who transfers to a non-affiliated engineering school and completes an engineering degree in an ABET accredited program is eligible to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in engineering mathematics from Carroll College. The Carroll degree is awarded provided that the student has completed all requirements for the degree listed in sections I, II, III, and IV.