Administrative Withdrawal from the College

Carroll College reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from the College when the student is either unable or unwilling to withdraw voluntarily, and it is determined to be necessary for the interest and well-being of the student and/or the College to terminate enrollment. Reasons for an administrative withdrawal may include one or more of the following:

  1. Failure to comply with the Carroll Code of Student Conduct, including behavior that is in violation of the Self-Care Expectations, Self-Destructive and Threatening Behaviors policy, as described in the Carroll College Student Handbook;
  2. Failure to make appropriate payment or payment arrangements when a student’s account is in default;
  3. Behavior that has resulted in significant disengagement from the academic activities of the College;
  4. Behavior that has resulted in significant disruption of the teaching and learning activities of members of the academic community, which will substantially impede the education processes of the student.

This policy does not take the place of disciplinary action associated with a student’s behavior that violates the Carroll Code of Student Conduct or any other College policies or regulations. This policy is to be invoked in extraordinary circumstances when, in the discretion of the appropriate Vice President or designee, the conduct board process cannot be used or is not appropriate.

Students who are administratively withdrawn from the College are subject to the same financial aid and refund policies as students who elect to withdraw from the institution.

Students who are notified of an administrative withdrawal will be afforded the right to appeal to the Vice President for Enrollment. Appeals must be made by the student, in writing, and must be submitted within 5 class days of the initial notification. The Vice President for Enrollment will then convene a committee to review the appeal and will issue a decision back to the student within 10 class days.