Career Enhancement Certificate

The Career Enhancement Certificate provides students from a variety of backgrounds with the option of designing a tailored program that will add a group of related courses to their professional or academic experience. The certificate program is designed for individuals who wish to gain a specific set of skills and knowledge in a specialized area to enhance employment opportunities. It may not be used to replace or redefine an existing Carroll certificate. As opposed to an academic minor, it does not require the students to earn a major or a degree to accompany it. Each Career Enhancement Certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits of academic work. At least 9 of these credits must be upper (300 or 400) level classes, and all must be earned at Carroll College. To earn the certificate, students must develop a plan and program in consultation with a faculty advisor, and pass the required classes with a grade of "C-" or better. Completed coursework may be applied to degree requirements if the student becomes degree seeking at a later date. The following guidelines must be followed in developing a specific Career Enhancement Certificate:

  1. Choose a primary discipline and a principal advisor from the faculty in that discipline.
  2. In consultation with the advisor, develop a one page proposal outlining the objectives of the program. The proposal should include a title, the goal of the certificate program, and a rationale for choosing the courses that will make up the program.
  3. Complete the certificate planning form.
  4. Submit the signed proposal to the Registrar.