Good Standing and Academic Probation

The grade point average required to maintain good academic standing at Carroll College is 2.00. In order to remain in good standing, a student must have a 2.00 grade point average for both the semester and cumulative work.

When semester grade reports indicate that a student has failed to meet the minimum scholastic standards (2.00 grade point average), the student is not in good academic standing.

After a semester of unsatisfactory work, a student enrolled for 12 or more semester hours will be placed on academic probation; however, acute or significant failure to meet minimum academic standards after one semester may warrant academic suspension. Likewise, academic suspension may result upon completion of a second consecutive semester of unsatisfactory work or upon completion of a total of three non-consecutive semesters of unsatisfactory work.

A student who has been suspended is not eligible to apply for readmission for at least one academic year.

Suspension may result after one semester of unsatisfactory work should very poor performance warrant such action. The associate vice president for academic affairs, in consultation with appropriate faculty and staff, will evaluate these cases and make an appropriate determination.

The records of part-time students will be reviewed after the student has attempted 12 or more semester credits. If a total of 12 or more semester credits have been attempted and cumulative grade point average is unsatisfactory (below 2.00), the student will be placed on probation.

For transfer students, the grades earned at Carroll College alone will determine the grade point average of the student at Carroll.

Students on academic probation as a result of work at Carroll College may not hold offices in student activities and organizations, nor may they participate in any varsity sports contests, intercollegiate forensic competitions, main stage theatre productions, the Gold Team Ambassadors or Carroll sponsored education or service abroad.

The academic standing of a student who withdraws from the College and then seeks re-admission will be based on that of the student’s last term of attendance at Carroll.

Students must meet the grade point average described above to be considered as making satisfactory progress. Students who fail to make satisfactory progress may be declared ineligible for financial aid, either institutional or under the Title IV Federal Aid program. Grade point averages falling below this 2.00 standard are considered unsatisfactory.