The Major

All students must elect a standard major or develop a multi-disciplinary major. Ordinarily, students decide on a major by the end of the sophomore year.

Students are expected to satisfy the graduation requirements in effect the year of initial enrollment as degree candidates at the College providing they can complete requirements within a continuous six-year period. If graduation requirements change after that date, students have the option of petitioning to satisfying either the requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment or the requirements of a subsequent catalog. Generally, if a student interrupts attendance, s/he must graduate under the requirements in effect at the time of re-admission; however, a student who takes a one- or two-semester break from the College and leaves in academic good standing may be eligible to return under her or his original catalog year, providing s/he can complete the requirements within six years of initial enrollment. Determination of appropriate catalog years is made by the Registrar.

At least half of the credits required in the major field for the associate’s or bachelor’s degrees must be taken at Carroll College. Exceptions require the approval of the major department chairperson and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students are not automatically accepted into all major programs of the College. A number of departments require that certain standards be met and that a formal application be filed. See specific requirements as listed in the academic programs of this catalog. To qualify for acceptance into the major department, the student must meet college standards as outlined in this catalog.