Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

Academic advising at Carroll is designed to assist students in exploring their areas of interest while providing them with the advice and knowledge that will allow them to pursue those areas of interest to their fullest extent. This advice is not solely academic but personal and professional as well. Professors serve as academic advisors and pride themselves on being available to students.

First Year Cohort (FYC) courses serve as a critical component to achieving our goals in academic advising. Every first-year student takes an FYC course in their first semester at Carroll. In addition to the critical reading, writing and thinking skills students develop in this course, their professor serves as their academic advisor. This teacher/student relationship serves as the backbone of the advisor/advisee relationship.

Once a student has completed one academic year at Carroll he/she has the option to select/confirm a major and select an advisor in the department of the major. The student is encouraged to consult his or her advisor at least twice each academic semester. Students should meet with their advisors any time they have questions about their academic performance or progress. The advisor will help students develop an academic program and direct them to other college resources whenever appropriate.

The Director of Academic Support and Advising will help students with any advising questions or problems.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center helps students meet Carroll’s academic standards while also offering them advice and encouragement toward achieving their personal educational goals. From first-year students to graduating seniors, students can sharpen their college success skills to become more efficient, confident, and independent learners.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers a number of services, such as academic counseling, success skills workshops, peer tutoring, and alternate or make-up testing. Peer tutors, serving a variety of academic disciplines, work regularly scheduled hours in the Borromeo tutoring room and by appointment. Students should check with the director of the ARC webpage throughout each semester for a complete and updated tutoring schedule. 

In addition, the ARC director coordinates Carroll’s accommodations for students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities.

The ARC is located in Borromeo Hall. Services from the ARC are free, and all students are welcome.

Career Services

Career Services staff assists students in developing, evaluating and implementing career and life planning. These services support a process of self-assessment to clarify personal and career-related goals, values and interests. Students learn how to obtain occupational information, to explore the full range of employment opportunities or graduate study and to present themselves effectively as candidates for employment. Our mission is to empower students to follow passion, realize potential, and pursue lives of purpose.

Career development programs are offered in group sessions using career assessment instruments in workshops and in-class presentations. Freshmen and sophomore students unclear about their plans can take a one-credit career decision-making course to assist them in creating an effective career plan. Internships and experiential education are important components of one’s education, and students are encouraged to incorporate these experiences into their educational plans.

Juniors and seniors can take a one-credit job search preparation course to prepare for entering the job market. Career Services also offers a Career Resource Library which contains a collection of online materials, including occupational and job market information, internship information, and graduate school resources. Career Services maintains an extensive web page that covers all aspects of career development and job search.

Career Services staff assists students in preparing for and locating appropriate internships and experiential education connected to their academic majors and to develop learning objectives consistent with their career goals. Students can take advantage of opportunities in Helena, throughout Montana, across the U.S., as well as internationally.

Credential services are offered through Interfolio to Education seniors and alumni to assist in processing employment applications.

Career Services sponsors a variety of on-campus workshops, special events, and individual appointments throughout the academic year to help promote students’ career development and job readiness.

Orientation of New Students

Carroll College offers a range of orientation programs designed to acquaint students with the College and its people, policies, and facilities.

All new students attend the new student orientation program at the beginning of the semester that they begin their studies at Carroll. Orientation introduces students to the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical dimensions of campus life. College faculty, staff, and students welcome the new students to Carroll through a variety of activities. Orientation events continue throughout the first month of class in the fall and the first week of school in the spring.

First Year Cohort (FYC) Courses

One course with an FYC designation is required for all first year students and is taken in the fall semester. The FYC course is taught by a faculty member who serves as the students' first-year advisor for both the fall and spring terms. This course is a unique opportunity for students to make a close connection with their advisor, as they spend a minimum of three hours of classroom time per week together, in addition to more traditional advising appointments. After the first year, students select or are assigned to faculty advisors in their majors or areas of interest.