AS - Astronomy

AS 102 Astronomy

An introduction to astronomy for the non-science major. This course satisfies the Core requirement for a lab course in natural sciences. The course begins with an historical development of astronomy and a qualitative account of relevant principles of science. Topics include the tools of astronomy, the solar system, stars and stellar evolution, the Milky Way, extragalactic astronomy, cosmology, and life in the universe. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour laboratory per week.

AS 107 American Indian Astronomy Star Lore ND

In this course we will study the astronomy and star lore of many different American Indian cultures throughout the Americas. We will examine how they used the sky for both practical purposes, such as fixing a calendar and for navigation, as well as for spiritual purposes, creating constellations and mythology, in order to understand the world they lived in. Our sources will use both archaeoastronomical methods to study pre-Columbian artifacts and ruins as well as anthropological methods to study contemporary and historic cultures.  Offered summers if warranted by sufficient demand.