GNDR 309 Gender History

While feminism, masculinity, and gender as fields of study within the dis - cipline of History are relative newcomers, complex and varied interactions among people have existed since our first human ancestors. Beginning with a short Introduction to the science of sex and gender we consider the possibility that while there may be two chromosomal sexes, constructs of gender are more complex and nuanced. Throughout the semester we will consider the many ways in which notions of women, men and gender are shaped by a broad range of forces including history, culture, religion, and place, as well as how gender norms and expectations have shaped the world and its peoples. Utilizing a wide variety of sources including scholarly texts, art, literature, social media, and film, we will together consider questions of feminism and masculinity, the body and sexuality, marriage, faith and much more as not only integral to a better understanding of history but also part of conversations currently taking place among people all over the world.



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HI 309

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Fregulia, Jeanette |


Even Year Spring Semester