MLAS - Latin American Studies

MLAS 200 Gateway Course in Latin Am Studies (GD)

This beginning course is required for the minor in Latin American studies (MLAS) and introduces students to a variety of academic disciplines and professional careers pertaining to Latin America. It is taught by the co-director of MLAS in collaboration with the participating Latin American studies faculty, and consists of readings, discussion, films, lectures and interviews with members of the Hispanic community of the northwestern United States.

MLAS 485 Independent Study

Independent study is open to junior and senior students only. At the time of application, a student must have earned a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. A student may register for no more than three (3) semester hours of independent study in any one term. In all cases, registration for independent study must be approved by the appropriate department chairperson and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

MLAS 495 Capstone Semnr in Latin American Studies

This upper-division course is required for minors in Latin American studies. It is intended to help students: 1) consolidate their work in Latin American studies, 2) reach a higher level of critical perspective regarding Latin American affairs, and 3) complete final research papers concerning Latin American. Prerequisites include the successful completion of MLAS 200, SP 204, and 9 semester credits in residence at Carroll College in MLAS concentration or allied courses, or the instructor?s permission to enroll in the course.