PMGT - Project Management

PMGT 210 Project Planning,Scheduling &Estimating

This course will focus on the techniques used to plan, schedule and estimate project work. Using project planning, scheduling tools and simulation exercises, students will experience creating and managing project schedules. Students will be required to solve planning challenges in the role of project manager using scope definition and planning techniques dessigned to create accurate estimates and schedules that ensure successful outcomes.

PMGT 220 Project Risk Mngmnt, Monitoring Control

This course will focus on the principles and practice of managing and controlling project risk and cost. Using case studies and team activities, students will gain valuable skills in risk analysis, cost estimating, scope control and project performance monitoring for completing projects within their planned scope, cost and schedule. Students will learn to use qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques to identify risks, determine impact and plan responses. Types of risk that commonly impact projects will be examined. Cost control and monitoring techniques will also be emphasized.

PMGT 310 Project Leadership: Change/Success

This course is designed to help the student set realistic objectives, create strategies to overcome resistance, and implement for success. Students will learn how to gain buy-in and motivate others to change as well as identify stressors, modify negative patterns, and manage conflict and challenging situations. Through the use of hands- on exercises and case studies the student centers on the importance and types of project requirements, how to partner with stakeholders and use teamwork in the requirements gathering process, how to identify requirements-related project start-up issues, the essential elements of communicating requirements, and being agile. Students will work individually and in teams using case studies from actual projects to apply the techniques and practices discussed in the class.

PMGT 485 Independent Study

Independent study is open to junior and senior students only. At the time of application, a student must have earned a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. A student may register for no more than three (3) semester hours of independent study in any one term. In all cases, registration for independent study must be approved by the appropriate department chairperson and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.