Mission and Goals

Anthropology is the study of human cultural and biocultural diversity and development. To understand the complexity of cultures, the anthropology department integrates the perspective of social, biological, and natural sciences. The application of interdisciplinary knowledge is used to explore human dilemmas and possible solutions. Culture is used as a framework for understanding similarities and differences in behavior and values in human societies which provides a cross-cultural/global understanding of human behavior and diversity.

Student Learning Outcomes

In pursuing this program, students will:

  1. Come to understand anthropological core concepts and theory
  2. Discover an awareness of human diversity and how diversity is often adaptable
  3. View human behavior through biological/evolutionary models
  4. Apply anthropological concepts to global problems
  5. Understand the structure and history of global social systems
  6. Apply information and methods used in class to comprehend global, local and individual viewpoints
  7. Learn anthropological approaches to the study of human biology as it interacts with culture
  8. Use critical and investigative thinking skills