Pre-Law Program


At Carroll College, our mission is to provide excellent pre-law advising. This program is centered in the Department of Political Science. There, faculty with experience directing students to law school and a consistent record of placing students in law schools will advise students interested in law.

A common misconception is that pre-law candidates must study political science. This is not true. Instead, law schools are looking for strong students who have demonstrated an ability to read, write, and think critically: for example, national statistics show that biology, history, and English majors gain acceptance into at least one law school at rates comparable to—or exceeding—that of political science students. The Political Science department at Carroll will advise students of any major how to apply to and prepare for law school.

Students interested in law school ought to contact Dr. William Parsons. They also ought to consider taking PO 201 Introduction to the Legal Profession, a course that combines LSAT preparation, career planning, and financial aid counseling.

If students have an abiding interest in the Constitutional government, they ought to consider completing the Constitutional Studies Minor

If students desire to gain a broad foundation in the American legal system, they ought to consider the following courses:

Recommended Courses

PO 104American National Government


PO 201Introduction to the Legal Profession


PO 210Intro to Constitutional Law


PO 216American Political Thought