• Outstanding Balance

    The Appeals Committee of Carroll College will review written appeals from students who feel that individual circumstances warrant exceptions to published policy. Written appeals must be received within 90 days from the last day of attendance. Such appeals should be directed to the Carroll College, Business Office-Appeals Committee, 1601 N. Benton Avenue, Helena, MT 59625-0002. Written response of the appeals committee’s decision will be mailed to the student within 5 business days of the committee meeting. Decisions of the committee are final.

  • Late Payment Fee

    The student must complete the Petition to Waive Late Payment Fee form. The form must be received at the Business Office by September 15th for the fall semester and by February 15th for the spring semester. The Business Office Appeals Committee will review the petition and inform the student of their decision.

Waivers may be issued when:

  1. The late fee was the result of an institutional error, or;
  2. A student was actively engaged in military service, firefighting, law enforcement, or other similar public service, or;
  3. An unusual circumstance beyond the control of the student caused the student to be unable to finalize payment by August 1st (fall semester) or January 1st (spring semester). Additional supporting documentation of the circumstances should be provided.