Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2018-2019 Tuition Rates:

Tuition and fees are adjusted on an annual basis. The following fee schedules are in effect for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Full-time Tuition: per semester $17,253
Students registered for 12 through 19 semester credits.
Part-time Tuition: per semester credit $1,438
Students registered for less than 12 semester credits.
Overload Tuition: per semester credit $1,438
Students registered for more than 19 credits.
Auditors’ Tuition: per semester credit $150
Students enrolled without credit.

Senior Citizens’ Tuition:

Students 60 years and over at the time of registration, enrolled for audit only.

1–3 credits $50
4–6 credits $100
7–9 credits $150

Post-Baccalaureate Tuition:

per semester credit $791

Carroll and non-Carroll graduates may take a maximum of 19 credits per semester at the post-baccalaureate rate. Students who take more than 19 credits will be charged $1,438 for each additional credit.

Advanced College Enrollment (ACE) Tuition:

per semester credit $50

Dual-enrollment high school student—maximum of two courses (6-8 credits) per semester.

ACE Student Fee per semester $60
Course and lab fees apply  

Carroll Early Access (CEA) Tuition:

per semester credit $0 - waived for two-year pilot program

College credit only high school student—maximum of two courses (6-8 credits) per semester.

CEA Student Fee per semester $60
Course and lab fees apply  

Study Abroad Faculty Led Tuition:

Students registered for full-time credits for the fall or spring semester may participate in a faculty led study abroad program within the respective semester at no additional tuition cost. Students who are registered for part-time credits will be charged tuition at the summer rates as shown below. All students will be charged the program fees.

Fall or spring faculty led programs

Full-time students $0.00 additional tuition cost

Over 19 credits, Overload Tuition Fees apply

Part-time students: per semester credit $650

Summer faculty led programs

Per semester credit $650

Certificate Program Tuition:

Per course $1,000
Technology fee per semester $60

Pastoral Ministry Tuition:

Per course $500

Summer 2019 Term Tuition:

Undergraduate Tuition per credit $650
Post Baccalaureate Tuition per credit $650
Audit Tuition per credit $150

Senior Citizen Tuition per credit (audit)

1–3 credits: $50
4–6 credits: $100
7–9 credits: $150
Advanced College Experience per credit $50

Academic Year 2018-2019 Fees:

Student Fee per semester $490
Part time students registered for 6 to 11.99 credits $245

Fee supports:

Technology on campus, including infrastructure, labs, classrooms, and internet access

Student activities, including lectures, activities, events, etc.

Health center, including campus nurse, vaccinations and health information

Enrollment Reservation (advance deposit) $400

Candidates who receive offers of admission must indicate their intention to enroll by making a non-refundable advance deposit of $400. This deposit will be credited to the student’s account in the first semester of enrollment.

Room and Board Requirement for Living on Campus

As part of Carroll College’s commitment to being a uniquely engaged residential learning community, students will be expected to live in campus housing as part of their education. Research has shown that students who live on campus have higher academic performance, greater participation in campus activities, closer relationships with faculty and staff, greater satisfaction with their college education and utilize the overall resources of the college at a higher level than students who do not live on campus. The education of students is significantly enhanced by the connection of learning in and out of the classroom. The value of living in a community and the relationships developed from a residential experience has a lifelong impact on the student. All unmarried students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus for the first two years and are encouraged to live on campus all four years. All students residing at the college must have a meal plan. Carroll College does not make exceptions on their requirements for housing and participation in a meal plan unless the student is married, has dependent children, has a medical condition the college is unable to accommodate or has experienced a financial catastrophe. In addition, students who are from the Helena area (60 miles or closer) and will live at home with their parents or guardians can also qualify for an exception to the Housing and Meal Requirement.

  1. Room and board rates include the non-transferable right to occupy the room assigned and to participate in the meal plan except during vacation periods when the residence halls and dining facilities are closed as indicated in the official college calendar. In determining the room and board rates, it is understood that students will not necessarily be present at every meal served. No refunds are made for meals missed. Students with special dietary needs are not automatically granted exceptions to the board requirements. Students who have special diets prescribed by a physician should consult the Dining Services Director and Student Life.
  2. Carroll does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to any student’s personal property. Students are encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property or consult their parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage.
  3. Personal effects of returning students may be left in the room during the regular term vacations. However, all personal effects must be removed from the college residence halls at the end of the academic year or upon withdrawal from the college.
  4. Occupancy of the student room or boarding on campus is not permitted after a student withdraws from the college.

Room and Board Rates Per-Semester Cost (2018-2019):

Saint Charles, Borromeo, and Guadalupe Halls
Single-occupancy room $2,891
Double-occupancy room $2,518
Triple-occupancy room (St. Charles/Guadalupe) $2,518
Deluxe Single $2,982
Deluxe Double (St. Charles)
Deluxe Double (Guadalupe) $2,982
Trinity Hall
Four-person suite, single bedrooms $3,048
Four-person suite, double bedrooms $2,784
Two-person suite, super-single bedrooms $3,111
Summer 2017 Room Rates:
Per week $120
Per week while attending summer classes or working on campus $60

Charges listed are subject to change without notice.

Campus Apartments

The apartments, which opened May 2014, are a great new addition to the on-campus living options. Open to 3rd-year and above students, these two and three-bedroom units offer a 12-month living option for upperclassmen with the convenience of living on campus. The apartments are designed to offer students more choice in amenities to help keep living costs down, while keeping them close to their classes so they can focus on what’s important.

Apartment Rates

3-bedroom $1,245 per month (based on unit price)*
2-bedroom $930 per month (based on unit price)*

*Monthly rent rates dependent upon apartment occupancy (e.g. 3 students in a 3-bedroom apartment = $415/month)

Note: Charges listed are subject to change without notice.

Meal Plans

Since much of our learning takes place among and between students, in and out of the classroom, all students are encouraged to participate in a meal plan. All students living in campus residence halls are required to participate in a meal plan. Please contact the Dining Services Director for help with medical or other accommodations.

Meal plan selections are for the academic year and are non-transferrable. Students are offered the opportunity to change their meal plan selection through the first week of school each semester. Students must show their ID/meal card to enter the dining hall and when using their Flex Cash.

Carroll College Meal Plan Selection

Meal Plan Block Meals Flex Available To Cost per Semester
Saints Unlimited $105 All students $2,472
Halo 225 $250 All students $2,362
Charlie 190 $325 All students $2,250
Purple 115 $175 Junior & senior students only* $1,294
Apartment/ Commuter 70 $200 Apartment residents & commuters only** $887

*Junior and senior students may also choose Saints, Halo, or Charlie meal plans.

**Apartment residents and commuters may also choose Saints, Halo, Charlie, or Purple meal plans.

All meal plans have access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unused meals are not transferrable to future semesters.

  • Block meal plans give students a set number of meals and Flex Cash. Students with the Block plan can choose to eat at any time the dining hall is open.
  • Flex Cash are dollar amounts that can be used at all campus dining locations. Unused flex cash from fall semester will carry over to a spring semester meal plan, providing a meal plan is purchased spring semester. Unused flex cash does not carry over at the end of spring semester.

For dining hours and further information, please check the website or contact the general manager of Sodexo at (406) 447-5194.

New Student Orientation Fee

(non-refundable) $100

This one-time fee is required of all entering new, full-time students, including transfers.

Nursing Fees

Charged to all students in the program except 1st year students

Student Liability Insurance fee mandated by clinical sites, per year $20
Program Fee for labs and technology requirements, per semester $250
Clinical Fee for costs of adjunct faculty, per semester $340

Engineering Program Fee

per semester $100

Charged to all students in the program except 1st year students

Anthrozoology Program Fee

per semester $350

Charged to all students in ANZ classes 108 and above.

Program, Laboratory, Course, and Workshop Fees

The College levies non-refundable program, laboratory, course, and workshop fees for courses involving specialized equipment, software, or other supplies. In addition, some courses may require the student to purchase materials or equipment for their own use.

Courses requiring such fees or purchases are published each semester in the course schedule.

Other Fees

Late Payment Fee $100

This fee is charged to all students who are registered for the upcoming semester and who have not made payment in full by August 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester, or who have not enrolled in the five month payment plan. If registration changes are made after August 1 or January 1 that result in additional charges, payment is due immediately.

Housing Agreement Termination

The Reservation and Housing Agreement will be terminated if the resident withdraws from the college during or at the end of the semester, or is supended or dismissed from the college or the residence halls for disciplinary reasons. Persons not enrolled in classes may not reside in the residence halls. Student must either be taking a minimum of 12 credits or get permission from the Director of Community Living. The student is still responsible for any financial obligations incurred in accordance with this agreement. Rooms are contracted and assigned on the expectation that the student will occupy the room for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Refund and penalties for cancellation or termination of the agreement are as follows:

Between the reservation date and August 4, a cancellation fee of $600 will be posted to the student’s account (except in the case of a full withdrawal from the college).

After August 5, if the contract is not fulfilled the following applies:

  1. Exceptions granted from Community Living after August 4 will result in a cancellation fee of $600 posted to the student’s account.
  2. After the first day of occupancy when a student withdraws from the college, room charges are refunded in accordance with the tuition refund policy (See Carroll College Catalog). Students who leave the residence halls for other reasons will not receive a refund.

No refunds will be issued after the last three weeks of any semester.

Graduating Senior Activity Fee $150

This non-refundable fee covers activity costs and is charged to all graduates in their senior year, whether or not they attend the Commencement exercises.

Late Graduation Application Fee $25
Transcript Fee: per copy $10

Parking Permit

Per academic year, per vehicle (non-refundable)

Proximity Parking—Lots A $165
Perimeter Parking—Lots B $90

All students who use campus parking facilities must register their vehicle with the Student Life Office and purchase a parking permit. Fines are charged to any student who does not have a current decal properly exhibited on the vehicle while on campus or for failure to comply with parking regulations.

Other fees may be charged for requirements in programs or courses, but are not listed in this bulletin because they were not known at the time of publication.