Course Descriptions

Common Terms and Course Numbers

Credit: The unit of academic credit at Carroll College is the semester credit.

Course Number: Each course is identified by a prefix of letters, which refers to its department or discipline, and by 3 numerals which indicate its level, and often its sequence, in the department’s set of courses. Courses that apply toward a degree are numbered from 100-499. The courses numbered 100-299 are lower-division courses and are generally intended for freshmen and sophomore students. Course numbers 300-499 are upper-division courses, generally for junior and senior students. Course numbers 500 and higher are graduate level courses.

Core: Refers to the Carroll College Core Curriculum common to all degree programs at Carroll College.

Common Course Numbers: Each department uses its own prefix with a number common to all departments:

425 Internships: Credits are arranged

  • A number of departments offer internship programs most with a 425 course number although a few departments use a different course number. Internships are supervised, planned work experiences taken for academic credit. Juniors and seniors in any major area may participate with prior approval. Students will receive academic credit and may or may not receive monetary compensation for an internship.

485 Independent Study: Credits are arranged

  • Independent study is a unique learning opportunity not offered in the regular curriculum or is an existing Carroll course offered to a student in special circumstances. It may include laboratory/library research, extensive reading, and reports. Offered annually to juniors and seniors having a grade point average of at least 3.0 under the direction of a faculty member from the appropriate department. The consent of the department chairperson is required.

189/289/389/489 Special Topics: Credits are arranged

  • Special topics include ad-hoc courses on various selected topics; not part of the regular curriculum. These offerings will be announced in advance and will be offered at the discretion of each department.

499 Honors Thesis: Credits are arranged

  • Students who complete a thesis may qualify for special graduation honors.

*Denotes courses pending approval


The College reserves the right to control the range of course offerings and withdraw courses lacking sufficient enrollment.