Tuition, Fees and Payment

All charges listed in the financial section are those that are current at the time of the printing of this catalog. These charges are subject to change without notice by the College.

Payment due dates are listed in the Payment Policy section under Payment Information.

Students unable to meet these obligations may apply for financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office, prior to the first day of classes.

Undergraduate full-time tuition entitles the student to take 12 to 19 semester credits. Additional charges for each semester credit over 19 are assessed at part-time tuition rates. The Auditors’ tuition entitles a student to attend class lectures without grades or credit.

Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2023-2024 Tuition Rates:

Tuition and fees are adjusted on an annual basis. The following fee schedules are in effect for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Undergraduate Full-time Tuition: per semester $19,576
Undergraduate students registered for 12 through 19 semester credits.
Undergraduate Part-time Tuition: per semester credit $1,630
Undergraduate students registered for less than 12 semester credits.
Post-Baccalaureate Tuition: per semester credit $898
Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Overload Tuition: per semester credit $1,630
Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate students registered for more than 19 credits.
Accelerated Nursing Program (Cohort 3 - start date Summer 2023): per semester $16,975
Accelerated Nursing Program (Cohort 4 - start date Summer 2024): per semester TBD

Advanced College Enrollment (ACE) Tuition & Fees:

Per semester credit $50
Technology Fee per semester $60
Course and lab fees Varies by course

Auditors' Tuition & Fees:

Students enrolled without credit
Per semester credit $150
Technology Fee per semester $60
Course and lab fees Varies by course

Senior Citizen Tuition & Fees:

Students 60 years and over at the time of registration, enrolled for audit only.
1–3 semester credits $50
4–6 semester credits $100
7–9 semester credits $150
Technology Fee per semester $60
Course and lab fees Varies by course

Study Abroad Faculty Led Tuition & Fee:

Students registered for full-time credits for the fall or spring semester may participate in a faculty led study abroad program within the respective semester. Students who are registered for part-time credits will be charged tuition at the rates as shown below. In addition, all students will be charged applicable program fees.

Fall or spring faculty led programs

Full-time students 12-19 credits, $0.00 additional tuition cost

19+ credits- Overload tuition cost

Part-time students: per semester credit $1,630
Technology Fee per semester  $60

Summer faculty led programs

Per semester credit Varies by program
Technology Fee per semester  $60

Summer 2024 Term Tuition & Fees:

Undergraduate Tuition per credit $746
Post Baccalaureate Tuition per credit $746
Advanced College Experience (ACE) tuition per semester credit $60
Audit Tuition per semester credit $150
Technology Fee (charged to each summer enrollee) $60
Course and lab fees Varies by course

Senior Citizen Tuition per credit (audit)

1–3 semester credits: $50
4–6 semester credits: $100
7–9 semester credits: $150

Academic Year 2023-2024 Fees:

Undergraduate & Post Baccalaureate Full-time Student Fee per semester $600
Undergraduate & Post Baccalaureate Part-time Student Fee- registered for 6 to 11.99 semester credits per semester


Undergraduate & Post Baccalaureate Technology Fee- registered for less than 6 semester credits per semester $60
Audit, Advanced College Experience & Senior Citizen Technology Fee per semester $60
Accelerated Nursing Program (Cohort 3 - start date Summer 2023) Student Fee per semester $600
Accelerated Nursing Program (Cohort 4 - start date Summer 2024) Student Fee per semester TBD
Accelerated Nursing Program (Cohort 3 & 4) Clinical Readiness Fee- charged first summer semester

Cohort 3 - $127.00
Cohort 4 - TBD

Student Fee supports:

  • Technology on campus, including infrastructure, labs, classrooms, and internet access
  • Student activities, including lectures, activities, events, etc.
  • Wellness center, campus security, and parking.
Undergraduate Programs Enrollment Reservation (advance deposit) $200
Accelerated Nursing Program Enrollment Reservation (advance deposit) $400 

Candidates who receive offers of admission must indicate their intention to enroll by making an advance deposit. This deposit will be credited to the student’s account in the first semester of enrollment.

Room and Board Requirements and Rates

As part of Carroll College’s commitment to being a uniquely engaged residential learning community, students will be expected to live in campus housing as part of their education.  All unmarried students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus for the first three years and are encouraged to live on campus all four years. All students residing at the college must have a meal plan. Carroll College does not make exceptions on their requirements for housing and participation in a meal plan unless the student is married, has dependent children, has a medical condition the college is unable to accommodate or has experienced a financial catastrophe. In addition, students who graduate from a Helena area high school and will live at home with their parents or guardians within 20 miles of campus can also qualify for an exception to the Housing and Meal Requirement.

  1. Room and board rates include the non-transferable right to occupy the room assigned and to participate in the meal plan except during vacation periods when the residence halls and dining facilities are closed as indicated in the official college calendar. In determining the room and board rates, it is understood that students will not necessarily be present at every meal served. No refunds are made for meals missed. Students with special dietary needs are not automatically granted exceptions to the board requirements. Students who have special diets prescribed by a physician should submit a request to the Food Allergy, Special Diet, and Nutrition Accommodation Form for review by the Accessibility Services Coordinator and a Nutrition Specialist to secure an appropriate accommodation. 
  2. Carroll does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to any student’s personal property. Students are encouraged to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property or consult their parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage.
  3. Personal effects of returning students may be left in the room during the regular term vacations. However, all personal effects must be removed from the college residence halls at the end of the academic year or upon withdrawal from the college.  Items not removed within 30 days will result in additional fees, and possible donation of abandoned items.
  4. Occupancy of the student room or boarding on campus is not permitted after a student withdraws from the college.

Room and Board Rates Per-Semester Cost (2023-2024):

Guadalupe and Borromeo Halls
Single $3,174
Double as a Single $3,374
 Deluxe Double $3,057
Double $2,765
 Triple/Quad $2,765
 St. Charles
Single $3,174
 Double as a Single $3,374
 Economy as a Single $3,174
 Deluxe Double $3,057
 Double $2,765
 Economy Double $2,565
Trinity Hall
Quad/Deluxe Single $3,546
Quad/Single Bedroom $3,346
 Quad/Shared Bedroom $3,057
Summer 2024 Room Rates:
Per week Single $130
 Per week Double $95
Per week while attending summer classes or working on campus $70

Charges listed are subject to change without notice.

Campus Apartments

The apartments are a great addition to Carroll's on-campus living options. Open to 3rd-year and above students, these two and three-bedroom units offer a 12-month living option for Juniors and Seniors with the convenience of living on campus. The apartments are designed to offer students more choice in amenities to help keep living costs down, while keeping them close to their classes so they can focus on what’s important.

Apartment Rates

3-bedroom $1,650 per month (based on unit price)*

$1,200 per month (based on unit price)*

 Deposit $500 per person

*Monthly rent rates dependent upon apartment occupancy (e.g. 3 students in a 3-bedroom apartment = $550/month; 2 students in a 2-bedroom apartment = $600/month)

Note: Charges listed are subject to change without notice.

Meal Plans

The dining program at Carroll College is fashioned to build community and simultaneously reduce food anxiety for our students. While many colleges promote three meals a day in narrow meal windows, Carroll’s dining program operates a continuous service Dining Commons, and on-campus meal plans provide unlimited access during operating hours. Thus, students can step in for a full meal, a quick snack, or an extended study session, utilizing the St. Thomas Aquinas Commons [STAC] as they would a kitchen and dining room at home. 

Meal plan selections are for the academic year and are non-transferable. Students are offered the opportunity to change their meal plan selection each semester through Friday of the week school begins. Students must show their ID/meal card to enter the dining hall and when using their Flex Cash.


Anytime Dining Plan: (Per Semester)




Semester Meal Plan Rate  $3,047 $2,944  $2,841
Available to:  All Students All Students All Students
Meals (Day or night, in Campus Restaurant)  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Coffee (Brewed and specialty "to stay" in Campus Restaurant & Corette Library)  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Flex Dollars  $200 $100 $0
 Guest Passes  6 3 0
 Parents Eat Free  Yes Not Included Not Included
 Monthly "Gift from Home"  Yes Yes Not Included
 Birthday (or designated day) Gift  Yes Not Included Not Included
 15% discount on Square Tomato student catering menu  Yes Not Included Not Included


For the 2023-24 academic year, students not living in the Residence Halls (Guadalupe, St. Charles, Borromeo, and Trinity) may choose between Anytime Dining or Block meal plans.

Flex dollars can be added to any block plan through the Sodexo My Way Website.

Block Plan: (Per Semester)

Block 150 Block 75 Block 50
Semester Meal Plan Rate $1,494  $778 $546
Available to: Carroll Apartment, Graduate students, and commuters  Carroll Apartment, Graduate students and commuters

Carroll Apartment, Graduate students and commuters

Meals (STAC Dining Facility) 150  75 50
Coffee (Brewed and specialty "to stay" in STAC Dining Facility & Corette Library) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parents Eat Free Yes Not Included Not Included
Monthly "Gift from Home" Yes Not Included Not Included
15% discount on Square Tomato student catering menu Yes  Not Include Not Included


Anytime Dining meal plans have unlimited access to the STAC during operating hours. Unused Flex dollars carry forward from fall semester to spring semester only if a meal plan is purchased spring semester. Unused Flex dollars do not carry forward from spring semester to fall semester. 

Students may also take advantage of an “add-on” to their meal plan, the “golden ticket". Only students enrolled in a meal plan can participate in the golden ticket program.
Golden Ticket:

Golden Ticket Program – For $375 per semester, any student who has an Anytime Dining meal plan can enroll in the Golden Ticket program. This program includes:

§   To-Go bottomless mug refills for unlimited coffee and specialty drinks from the STAC and the Corette Library and up to four specialty drinks per day from Holy Grounds
§   Takeout container that provides unlimited takeout for the meal plan
§   A free concession stand combo at every home sports game

For dining hours and further information, please check the website or contact the general manager of Sodexo at (406) 447-5194.

See the full Carroll College Catalog for a description of other elective fees such as transcript fee, parking permit, as well as important Payment Information.


Undergraduate New Student Orientation Fee

Orientation Fee (non-refundable) $100

This one-time fee is required of all entering new, full-time students, including transfers for fall semester only.

Nursing Fees

Traditional Undergraduate Nursing Fees
Charged to all students in the program except 1st year students

Student Liability Insurance Fee $20
Program Fee $405
Clinical Fee $340

Engineering Program Fee

Charged to all students in the program except 1st year students

per semester $100

Anthrozoology Program Fee

Charged to all students in ANZ classes 108 and above.

per semester $350

Program, Laboratory, Course, and Workshop Fees

The College levies non-refundable program, laboratory, course, and workshop fees for courses involving specialized equipment, software, or other supplies. In addition, some courses may require the student to purchase materials or equipment for their own use.

Courses requiring such fees or purchases are published each semester in the course schedule.

Other Fees

Late Payment Fee $100

This fee is charged to all students who have not made payment or enrolled in a payment plan by the semester program due date. See Payment Policy section. Registration or meal and/or room changes made after the semester program due date, that result in additional charges, are due immediately.

Housing Agreement Termination

The Reservation and Housing Agreement will be terminated if the resident withdraws from the college during or at the end of the semester, or is suspended or dismissed from the college or the residence halls for disciplinary reasons. Persons not enrolled in classes may not reside in the residence halls. Student must either be taking a minimum of 12 credits or get permission from the Director of Residential Life and Housing. The student is still responsible for any financial obligations incurred in accordance with this agreement. Rooms are contracted and assigned on the expectation that the student will occupy the room for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Refund and penalties for cancellation or termination of the agreement are as follows:

  • Beginning June 1, a cancellation fee of $600 will be posted to the student’s account (except in the case of a full withdrawal from the college).
  • Exceptions granted from Residential Life and Housing after August 4 will result in a cancellation fee of $600 posted to the student’s account
  • After the first day of occupancy when a student withdraws from the college, room charges are refunded in accordance with the tuition refund policy (See Carroll College Catalog). Students who leave the residence halls for other reasons will not receive a refund.
  • After the first day of occupancy, residents are responsible for the full length of their Housing Agreement. Residents. Students who want to be released from this contract for any reason before the end of the contract period must file a Request for Residence Hall Housing Agreement Release with the Residential Life and Housing Office. If approved for release from the Housing Agreement, the resident will be charged a $600 breach of contract fee, or will be responsible for the cost of housing based on the tuition refund dates; whichever is more. 
  • If this contract is terminated, the Student agrees to vacate the residence hall within 72 hours, unless the student requests and is granted an extension by the Director of Residential Life and Housing

No refunds will be issued after the last three weeks of any semester.


Graduation Fees

Undergraduate Graduating Student Fee $160
 Accelerated Nursing Program Graduation Fee $160

This non-refundable fee covers activity costs and is charged to all graduates in their senior year, whether or not they attend the Commencement exercises.

Late Graduation Application Fee $25
Transcript Fee: per copy $10

Parking Permit

Carroll College full-time and part-time students registered for 6 credits or more, receive a parking permit as part of their tuition and fees.  For all others that want to park on campus, a permit must be purchased for the academic year (non-refundable).

Student Parking $100

All students who use campus parking facilities must register their vehicle with the Parking Office and reserve or purchase a parking permit. Fines are charged to any student who does not have a current decal properly exhibited on the vehicle while on campus or for failure to comply with parking regulations.

Other fees may be charged for requirements in programs or courses, but are not listed in this bulletin because they were not known at the time of publication.

Payment Information

Payment Policy

All registration charges must be paid by:

  • Undergraduate Fall term- August 1
  • Undergraduate Spring term- January 1
  • Undergraduate Summer term- five days prior to the start of each summer session
  • Accelerated Nursing Program Fall term- September 1
  • Accelerated Nursing Program Spring term- January 1
  • Accelerated Nursing Program Summer term- May 1

Students with an unpaid account balance or incomplete registration; may not attend classes, laboratories or placements until satisfactory arrangements have been completed with the Business Office. When completing the semester payment, deduct the amount of pending financial assistance from the semester balance. The items that may be deducted include:

  1. all scholarship assistance
  2. grants received from Carroll College
  3. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
  4. Federal Pell Grants
  5. Leveraging Education Assistance Partnership Program (LEAPP)
  6. any loan certified by Carroll College and approved by the lender

The items that may not be deducted are work study, book grants, and loans not approved by the lender.

Students are expected to pay course fees and additional tuition upon adding classes after the start of the semester.

The College accepts cash or checks at the Business Office. Tuition payments by electronic check or credit/debit cards must be made on-line. Cards accepted are Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. Students make online payments at the Saints Student Account Center. Parents must be set up as an Authorized User by the student in order to make payments online.

Payment Plans

Carroll College offers students an interest-free installment payment plan. Students enroll in a payment plan online at the Saints Student Account Center. Late enrollments are allowed each semester. A non-refundable $50 set-up fee will be charged per semester agreement. Payments are due the first day of the month and delinquent if not received by the 10th day. Delinquent accounts are subject to a $10 late fee. The terms and conditions of the Payment Plan will be available to the student online when setting up the semester payment plan.

Carroll reserves the right to refuse subsequent semester payment by installment for students who have more than two late payments within a semester.

Students need to enroll in a new payment plan each semester.

Finance Charge

All balances in accounts receivable that have not been paid by the end of the month may be assessed a finance charge of 1 percent per month (12% annual) on the unpaid month-end balance. All accounts must be cleared by the end of each semester.

Return of Credit Balances

Students who receive loans, grants, or scholarships that are greater than the cost of tuition, fees, and room and board receive a refund after the funds are applied.  Prior to refunding, students will receive a textbook voucher by email explaining how to use it at the Saints' Shoppe virtual bookstore with MBS Direct. Students who choose to have a credit balance remain on their account within the same financial aid award year must sign the Federal Student Aid (Title IV) Authorization Form in the Business Office every academic year.

Refund Policy

Should a student withdraw from the College, the following policies apply in computing the refund due to the student or the balance due to the College. The official withdrawal date is determined by the date the student begins the withdrawal process at the Registrar’s Office or officially notifies the Registrar of his/her intent to withdraw or the official date of suspension. In instances where the start date of a class is other than the first week of the semester, the Add/Drop period will be the first six days of that class.

Refund and Full Withdrawal from the College

In instances where a student withdraws from Carroll College due to personal reasons, administrative withdrawal, or suspension; the student’s tuition and student fees will be charged based on the date of withdrawal. Program, laboratory, course, workshop, and new student orientation fees are non-refundable.

Undergraduate Withdrawal Date Refund
Within 1st week of semester 100% refund, less minimum $25 registration fee
Within 2nd week of semester 75% refund, less minimum $25 registration fee
Within 3rd week of semester 50% refund, less minimum $25 registration fee
Beyond the 3rd week of semester 0% refund


Accelerated Nursing Program Withdrawal Date Refund
10 days prior to beginning of first course each semester 100% refund, less $400 deposit forfeiture
1-9 days prior 50% refund
First day of course in the semester or after 0% refund

Refund Policy for Undergraduate Summer Semester

Students must complete a drop card at the Registrar’s Office by the drop date to receive a refund.

Undergraduate Drop Date Refund
5 days prior to session start date 100% refund
4 days prior through 1st day of session 50% refund
After 1st day of session No refund

Drop Policy

In instances where an undergraduate student drops from some courses but continues others, no tuition refund is made for reduction of credit hours after the last day to change course enrollment as shown in the academic calendar. Additional program, laboratory, course, workshop, and new student orientation fees are non-refundable.

Refund of Carroll College Scholarships and Grants

In instances where a student withdraws from Carroll College due to personal reasons, administrative withdrawal, or suspension; the student’s institutional financial aid will be reduced based on the date of withdrawal during the semester. This follows the program's tuition refund policy.

Return of Federal Funds Policy

Federal regulations require that a portion of Title IV grants or loans be returned to the Title IV program upon a recipient’s withdrawal from school. The full financial aid refund policy for federal and institutional aid is available on-line or in the Financial Aid Office.

Refund of Room

All rooms are contracted and assigned on the assumption that the student will occupy the room for the fall and spring semesters. When a student withdraws from the College, room refunds are based on the academic withdraw refund policy. Students who leave the residence halls for other reasons will not receive a refund and may be charged a breach of contract fee. Refer to Section "Tuition and Fees: Other Fees" for more information.

Refund of Board

When a student withdraws from the College, board refunds are based on the academic withdraw refund policy.


If an official withdrawal date from Carroll College is after the published refund dates, the student remains liable for tuition and fee charges remaining after Federal Aid has been adjusted per guidelines placed on Title IV funds by the Department of Education. This includes unofficial withdrawals for students who earn all F’s on their semester transcript.


The student’s account will be considered in default if payments are not made when due, including failure to make payments due to insufficient funds in an account upon which payment is drawn or failure to make scheduled payments on a Payment Plan Agreement. Failure to pay will result in the following: 1) The student may be immediately withdrawn from classes (see administrative withdrawal from the College); 2) The student will not be able to receive formal grade reports or transcripts; 3) The student will not be able to register for subsequent terms; (4) The student’s housing and meal plans may be affected; 5) The student’s access to Carroll’s computer network may be denied; 6) The student will not receive a diploma upon graduation; 7) The student’s debt may be referred to a collection agency; and 8) The student’s repayment history may be referred to a credit bureau. In the event of default, the student will reimburse Carroll College the fees of any collection agency, which may be based upon a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, and all costs and expenses the College incurs in such collection efforts, including reasonable attorney fees.


The College is a nonprofit institution of higher learning. As such, the student’s obligation will be deemed to be for the sole purpose of financing an education and is not dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings.


  • Outstanding Balance

    The Appeals Committee of Carroll College will review written appeals from students who feel that individual circumstances warrant exceptions to published policy. Written appeals must be received within 90 days from the last day of attendance. Such appeals should be directed to the Carroll College, Business Office-Appeals Committee, 1601 N. Benton Avenue, Helena, MT 59625-0002. Written response of the appeals committee’s decision will be mailed to the student within 5 business days of the committee meeting. Decisions of the committee are final.

  • Late Payment Fee

    The undergraduate student must complete the Petition to Waive Late Payment Fee form. The form must be received at the Business Office by September 15th for the fall semester and by February 15th for the spring semester. The Business Office Appeals Committee will review the petition and inform the student of their decision.

General Financial Information

  • At Carroll College, the payment of tuition and fees becomes an obligation at time of registration.
  • Due to the constant upward pressure on costs, the College reserves the right to increase its charges if this becomes necessary.
  • A student may not register for a subsequent semester unless all charges for the preceding semester have been paid.
  • The College reserves the right to deny the issuance of transcripts if a student has an unpaid financial obligation to the college.
  • The College reserves the right to administratively withdraw a student if appropriate payment or payment arrangements are not made by stated deadlines.
  • Tuition and fees become final at the last day to change course enrollment as indicated in the semester schedule.
  • The College does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of a student.
  • Communications concerning student accounts should be addressed to Carroll College Business Office, 1601 N. Benton Ave., Helena, MT 59625-0002.

Payment Return Policy

A charge of $30 will be assessed each time that a payment is returned by a bank; this amount will be charged to the student’s account. After notification, a “hold” may be placed on all the student’s records.

Any payment received for tuition, fees, and/or room and board which is subsequently returned by the bank may result in postponement of the student’s registration for the semester.