Fine Arts



Mission and Goals

Visual Arts

The fine arts play an important role in educating our students for a rich and full life. Expanding awareness, appreciation and understanding of all the arts and enriching lives through aesthetic and creative experiences are our goals. Art classes give students fundamental training in various media, an opportunity to participate and visually express themselves and enhanced appreciation for visual art. Classes provide quality instruction that challenges students and encourages success for those with little experience in art.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn fundamental skills in various art media.
  • Students will achieve improvement in those fundamental skills.
  • Students will create and visually express themselves through art assignments.
  • Students will gain an enhanced appreciation for art and art history


Our goal is to give students a greater appreciation for music as an art form and a vehicle for self-expression. We offer quality instruction that provides challenge, but also takes into consideration the limited musical background of many of our students.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will broaden their range of interest in and understanding of music.
  • Students will achieve growth in musical skills and knowledge.
  • Students will have experiences in music that enhance creativity.
  • Students will gain exposure to a variety of aesthetics, approaches and concepts in music that will enhance appreciation of music as an art form.


Our goal is to give students the requisite skills for a career in theatre, and to provide learning outcomes that go beyond technical skills or virtuosity in any field they choose. Theatre studies will give students the means to place their work in the context of history, culture and society in an imaginative and concrete way as professionals. As a collaborative art form, theatre always stresses the value of leadership, communication, and confidence for the mutual benefit of all in any setting.

Student Learning Outcomes

These are the educational outcomes of Theatre studies at Carroll College

  • Students will display an understanding of the social and artistic movements that have shaped theatre and the performing arts in the world today and throughout time.
  • Students will exhibit the ability to analyze and interpret texts and performances both in written and verbal critiques.
  • Students will display their knowledge of theatre and literature from a variety of cultures and time periods, from ancient to modern.
  • Students will exhibit the skills necessary for success in the performing arts as well as life. This includes specifically: collaboration, interpersonal communication, performance techniques, and problem solving skills. They will develop and apply theses skills and knowledge in the multiple settings of rehearsals, productions and classrooms. Students will also display effective and efficient knowledge of leadership and organizational practices in the performing arts.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in one or more theatre-specific skills: performing/acting, directing, design, stagecraft, arts management, or dramaturgy.