French and Francophone Studies

PROGRAM IN SUSPENSION - effective May 13, 2022, additional students may not declare a French major or minor while the program is in suspension.

Mission and Goals

Carroll College’s French and Francophone Studies Program (FFSP) is designed to provide students with the special knowledge, skills, and pedagogy needed to enter the workforce or professional schools as globally mindful citizens within the context of French and Francophone civilization and culture.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of our program, majors will have acquired:

  • communicative competency in French at an Advanced Low level as defined by the proficiency criteria of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

  • excellence in critical analysis through the production of texts and presentations focused on the understanding, synthesis, and analysis of knowledge acquired from a range of resources in French.

  • excellence in written and oral communication in French through structured arguments using appropriate forms of analysis and evidence.

  • cultural competency in French and Francophone civilizations, including familiarity with attitudes, lifestyles, conceptions of society, social and political structures from historical, anthropological, and symbolic perspectives.

  • the ability to reflect upon and understand other cultures, and to apply this deepened intercultural and linguistic awareness to their own conceptions of language, culture, and citizenship.

  • the ability to synthesize learning from within and outside French and Francophone studies in order to develop a global view of the discipline and how the knowledge and skills it promotes can be applied to other disciplines, courses of study, and beyond Carroll.

The major program of study offers sound preparation for graduate study in literature, languages, or writing. More importantly, however, the French and Francophone Studies Program is committed to providing its students with the tools of critical analysis and inquiry necessary to enter the world as global citizens with exemplary levels of intercultural awareness and engagement.