Pre-Professional Pathways

Pre-professional pathways are available to Carroll undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any major area. Only one pre-professional pathway may be declared at a time (but may be changed), and the pathway will be attached to the student's program of study as a specialization. 

The requirements for each pre-professional pathway are comprised of the most commonly required prerequisite courses for related graduate and professional programs. Pre-professional pathway courses can be drawn from any other requirements in a student’s program, including but not limited to all major, minor, and Core requirements. It is important for students to understand that the prescribed set of courses in a pathway may not fully meet the admission requirements for a particular graduate or professional program. Furthermore, to achieve their pre-professional goals students may also benefit from study beyond the pathway courses, particularly within the liberal arts disciplines. If substitutions or waivers in the pre-professional pathway are required, they will be recommended by the pre-professional advisor and then evaluated and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.